The sales and supplies at effecting for DOGUIDOG and the reception of a request for part of the buyer at EC suppose the acceptance of these general conditions of sale, except at that that agree at different form at particular condition. Therefore, will not value any no accepted condition explicitly for DOGUI DOG affair that they affect any point of the purchase and the conditions aimed.

For the processing of the request, will be indispensable that the buyer remit directly, or through any mode created by DOGUI DOG the duly filled request and, or , with his reference, colour, finish, treatment if it requires.

Everything request realised since or by means of our web considers correct.

Supply the product elected without variation.

DOGUI DOG Reserves the faculty to modify, cancel, or vary any one of his products, with the only purpose to improve the product, doing the variations although they influence at his aspect of any type.

IMPORTING at observing; the customer will check at the reception of the request the state of the package, without that it present bumps, can be broken, with seal and seal smashed or altered, doing feature clearly at the delivery note of installment that has to sign any incidence of this type, and if it was possible accompanied of photograph at this same instant; of not tracking this council will not be considered any posterior reclamation.
This obeys at the fact that the carrier is responsible of his saves and custody until his correct installment and is it responsible façade of DOGUI DOG, and only this way would act with efficacy the insurance. In any case, this incidence will have to be notified at DOGUI DOG at a no superior term at 24 hours.

A time realise the request and remit will be able to track the state of your request for the information that facilitates us the own carrier

They Will have to observe the following councils:

  • The package goes paid by the customer until his collection since origin, thus it will not accept charge some additional at his reception, removed that this agreed expressly, well was for any change at the conditions , data of the request.
  • The tariffs of sending contemplate different options of the request and sending.
  • The special tariff of urgency, special conditions proposals, Courier, or agency that was not the assigned by DOGUI DOG will be at charge and responsibility of the customer.
  • Each request considers for sending.
  • For countries out of it EC, the tariffs customs, special taxes, applied  and for account of the customer, and according to norms of each country.
  • They did not accept devolutions that do not contemplate our conditions and establish the law.

. The company of transport tried the installment at two occasions, letting flat of his attempt of installment, is therefore will you have that contact with them to make possible and concretise day and date if this happens.

. At the installment the customer will offer his data of identification at the messenger to register the installment, and can exert the royalties of reclamation if it gave the case.

. You have a term of fifteen days to realise the devolution of any product bought legally. For this will you have that pose you at contact with Dogui dog, and expect at the instructions to realise it, but will take into account that any one articulate manipulated, utilised, ruined will not give right at any devolution or change.


All the articles of DOGUI DOG, are produced under the most exacting norms and controls of quality duly established; of equal way that the products of our suppliers that also have the certifications and homologations of quality established internationally.

In any event, DOGUI DOG has of a department advisor-technical-commercial, at his willingness to clear any question of the product and his use.

The guarantee of the product this linked at the bill of purchase. This guarantee coats any defect of fabrication, but at any case at deterioration, poorly use, undue maintenance no imputable at the fabrication.

Our system of quality has a system of traceability that controls at all times the quality of the same and installment at the carrier.

Exclusively it coats the guarantee the replacement for failure of fabrication and determined by our technical department after his testing, under any circumstance DOGUI DOG  will do manager of harms and damages that for his defect have been able to produce direct or indirectly.

In front of any reclamation considered true, are not obliged at nothing that surpass the value of purchase, or it substitution of the product if it gives the case.

If at our web present links or information of third that derive , Dogui dog is left out of the utilisation and responsibility that could arouse.

We are not responsible of any computer attack that derive of the utilisation of other web, links, or own that contain information of our products.

All the informations contained at our web, are protected by the laws of intellectual property, not being authorised fits that at her can utilise for third, staying expressly prohibited, his utilisation, literal or similar reproduction publishes or private, or of his charts , designs, or Company marks.

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